HPP (High Pressure Processing) is the latest word in the United States for the preservation of food.
Without the use of any chemicals or preservatives, it keeps the nutritious ingredients of Esti foods and flavors unaltered, while at the same time extending their shelf life...something which we believe will be especially appreciated by our valued customers. The aim of Esti Foods is not only to improve on its manufacturing procedures, but also to succeed in fulfilling your expectations.
The HPP technology is a progressive tool that offers a high level of preservation for foods. The advantages are very clear.
 It eliminates bacteria such as Listeria Salmonella and Escherichia Coli
 Destroys anything that may be unhealthy in the product. It guarantees freshness and a longer shelf life
 Involves normal running water to eliminate the bacteria Listeria Salmonella and Escherichia Coli
 Guarantees a high level of food preservation, offering an extremely fresh taste and extending the shelf life of the product
The new technology does not make it necessary to pre-heat a product nor does it require any chemicals or preservatives for the manufacturing procedure. After the manufacturing and packaging procedures, the product is placed in an HPP container. High pressure pumps are then used to fill the container with water which triggers huge atmospheric pressure at very high temperatures. This high pressure of water circulates and covers the entire product and in a few minutes only it eliminates any microorganisms or bacteria that may have been lurking in the product or in its packaging.
The most important thing is that HPP achieves this without any use of any chemicals products or preservatives.